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OnlineForex Currency Trading: A wide range of financial markets can now be traded online. Stocks, Exchange Traded Funds, Currency Futures / Forex, Commodities and Bonds are all very accessible. Furthermore traders/investors can gain exposure to them through a variety of methods including Futures Trading, Options, Contracts for Difference (CFDs) or Spread Betting.

Participants in the market have very different goals and different time horizons for their investments to mature. Companies who need investment funds offer part ownership in the form of shares or corporate bonds. Banks may need to exchange huge amounts of currency. Governments offer bonds to raise cash to facilitate the running of their country. Producers of commodities from farmers to oil companies make use of futures markets. Fund management ranges from conservative buying of stocks for pensions to aggressive derivative speculation by hedge funds. Retail investors as well are increasingly taking control of their own financial future by learning to make their own decisions.

Hedgers make investments to reduce the risk of adverse price movements in an asset. For example, buyers and sellers of commodities often use futures markets to hedge their positions. A wheat farmer wishing to secure a selling price for next season’s crop can do so on the futures market. Simultaneously a bread making company can secure the price of wheat to be delivered in the future. One party is buying while the other is selling.

Speculators in general are not interested in long term investing and ownership of assets. High leverage is attractive to them. They tend to take a higher than average risk and their profits or losses reflect that risk. As traders they may stay in the market for a few days, weeks or months. They may be working for themselves or for an institution. Speculators tend to be less concerned with the direction of the market as long as they are positioned in the same direction. They usually have a flexible approach allowing them to go long or short thereby profiting from rising or falling markets.  As long as it has the potential for profit they’re in there. Commentators often disagree about the utility of speculation. The main argument in favour of speculation is that it is important for the operation of the market because it provides liquidity. A market that is highly liquid is attractive to investors because if they want to sell, they need to have someone that wants to buy. Speculators provide that liquidity.

Day traders also engage alot in onlineForex Currency trading and add to liquidity as they operate in an even shorter time frame. They tend to hold positions for a very short time and may make several trades each day. Floor traders (also called locals) trade on the floors of exchanges on a daily basis, either on behalf of themselves or for a broker who is a member of the exchange. Floor traders have dwindled however as electronic trading has taken over. Many day traders trade online from their own computer. Day traders hold positions for a very short time (from seconds to hours). Those who fall into the scalper category are looking to trade frequently and make quick profits by very small price movements. What happened yesterday or may happen tomorrow is not an issue for them because their time frame is so short.

Algorithmic onlineForex Currency trading is automated trading conducted by sophisticated software based on complicated mathematical algorithms. Essentially computers conduct quantitative analysis of market dynamics and therefore remove discretionary trading by a human. A rapidly growing part of this is High Frequency Trading (HFT) which operates in time frames of fractions of a second, faster than a human being ever could. HFT works at a level so fast that an edge can be gained by locating the computer closer to the exchange. Thousands of trades can be executed in the blink of an eye.

In conclusion, regardless of whether you are a long term investor or short term trader, there is a financial market and a trading strategy that will fulfil your requirements. The fact that these products are available for onlineForex Currency trading makes it all the more reason to gain an education in this field. Click on the links below to learn more.

OnlineForex Currency Trading

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