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Online Forex Trading Systems: The Chaikin Volatility indicator was developed by Marc Chaikin. This indicator effectively compares the spread or range between the high and low prices of a financial security. This is done by first calculating a moving average of the difference between the high and low prices and then calculating the percentage rate of change of that moving average. Chaikin himself recommended using it as a confirmation indicator along with other technical analysis indicators.  

  • Look for sharp increases in volatility prior to market tops and bottoms, followed by low volatility as the market loses interest.
  • A volatility spike can occur just before the market makes a new top.
  • A quick decline in volatility could indicate that the market has lost momentum and a reversal is imminent.
  • A low volatility reading occurs when the market is in a trading range.
  • Volatility may rise as prices break above the recent high.

Examine the following intra-day candlestick charts of the EUR/USD and GBP/USD forex pairs for periods when Chaikin Volatility rises and falls.

In the chart of the EUR/USD currency pair below the volatility indicator remains low when it is in a trading range in the first half of the chart. As prices spike towards a top the indicator rises sharply. However, the indicator declines before the market tops out anticipating the price action. As the market loses momentum and declines volatility decreases again.

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In the next chart of GBP/USD the volatility indicator spikes upwards before the market tops out and then declines as the market loses momentum and settles into a trading range. As prices break higher, the volatility indicator increases again.

Once again, in the following chart of GBP/USD the Chaikin Volatility indicator spikes upwards as market break to new highs. It peaks out just before the market makes a final top and declines sharply. The indicator settles at a low level as the market moves into a trading range again.

Chaikin Volatility can be used in trading Stocks, Exchange Traded Funds, Forex, Commodities, Bonds, Futures, etc. Traders should always implement appropriate risk management and stop loss strategies.

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